About Us!

Costa Rica Talk is a network of tourism professionals based in the Central American paradise Costa Rica. We are Locals sharing experiences!

Juan Diego

My name is Juancho Otalvaro. When I'm not traveling, you'll find me at home in Costa Rica. I want to devour the World! I focus on independent, meaningful travel experiences through writing and photography. My intention is to learn from the stories of the people I meet, and reach far from where my soul sits to find a godly wisdom.


Annika Pagels Monteverde - Costa Rica native, digital illustrator, loves photography, good food, kayaking and snorkeling. Backpacking travel preference.


I had the chance to get to know my country really good. I am nature lover, hiker, explorer of non-touristic places and the local culture. I love the art, music, dance, camping and to get to know people from other countries.


Hola, my name is Aline, I am from Germany but I live in Costa Rica. One of the many reasons because I decided to live in this beautiful country is the tropical climate. According to Google it is very sunny over here! And also to practice Spanish (my favorite word in Spanish is chiliguaro). I enjoy good food, books, travel and start my day with a delicious coffee!


Alan Romero Solano - Costa Rica Native, eco tourism expert, MTB rider, mountain hiker, bird watcher, coral reef lover, snorkeler, surfer, skater and overall nature lover.


“Tica”, in to hiking, biking and birding. Passionate about photography and wildlife. Alternative food lover (multiculture). Looking for new spots to discover? That’s me! Ecotourism expert, born to organize and plan trips. Let me know if you need a hand!


Caroline Aulich - German native, dancer, loves to cook, snorkeler, adrenaline junkie, fan of the sea, colorful nature & beaches, Caribbean lover, enjoy-every-moment-person.


Daniel Küng - Swiss-Costa Rican dual citizen, travel expert, gourmet, avid hobby chef, blues guitar player, e-biker, golfer and lover of the good life in Costa Rica.


Jenny, Costa Rica native, ecotourism professional. I like a lot to travel and get to know new places and be able to share my knowledge with travelers. I love nature, animals and the sustainability. I really like rural tourism.


I'm Judy! A first time mom trying to mix: motherhood, art, and nature experiences in my awesome Costa Rica. :)


Mafe Marín: Costarican, adventurer, mountain hiker, languages - culture - yoga - animal and nature lover.


A woman who loves her country and her job, I enjoy to know new places, I like rural tourism and I love the water sports and the adrenaline.


I’m originally from Germany and have been living in Costa Rica since 2006. I’m married and mother of a daughter at primary school age. As a family we love weekend adventures outside the capital and definitely take advantage of the fact that even the last corner of this country can be reached within a few hours. Whether beaches or mountains, camping o luxury hotels, I love any kind of travels and look forward to sharing helpful tips and interesting stories with you on this blog.


Pablo Coto Yglesias - born Costa Rican, web developer professional, born entrepreneur, good food lover. Also, producer of audiovisual and fotographic content, but over all explorer and ethusiast for the local.


Native of Costa Rica, I love languages, meet people, sing and drink a good wine. I am also an athlete, adventurous and I like to travel to the mountains and beaches.


Alice Henke Reyes - A jumble from Germany and Costa Rica, grew up in Hamburg and settled in Tilaran. Married to a Tico and happy mother of 2 children, travel specialist, family person, nature and animal lover, enterprising and happy to travel this wonderful country.


Juan José Guerrero R. - Costa Rica Native, 30 years experience in Costa Rica's tourism industry, runner, I love to play basketball with my sons, nature and beach lover, lover of gastronomy and a good wine.


Tourist guide, adrenaline lover, I love hikes, mountainbiking, birdwatching and to discover new touristic destinations.


Coming from a coffee region, I grew up always in contact with nature and costarican traditions, showing the best of my province to all the people who came to visit me. During the last years, the pleasure to make people discover the country that I am proud, increased and today, I love to show everyone why this "tico" is in love of his land.


Hi, I'm Brigitte. Nature lover, hiking and landscape photography. I love my job and I am discovering my country, I would love to have your comany on this great adventure, living new experiences and discover this wonderful country together!

Caroline B

Actually I just came for voluntary work and to learn spanish. 2 month was the plan, but the month became years and the travel destination Costa Rica became my home. So here I am, enjoying the nature, adventures and trips trough this beautiful country and the happiness of the ticos.

Cesar Otárola

I am a "Pura Vida" guy and I like to explore beautiful places in Costa Rica. I write just a little but I talk a lot, and sometimes I prefer taking videos... No matter what, I always have a reason to laugh. In this way I enjoy my life and travel. Oh, and I recommend you to read my blogs! Greetings!

Daniel Granados

Hi! I'm Dani I was born and raised in Costa Rica, I am a publicist, crossfitter and a professional fun haver. I love to create and share stories through my camera lens, when I'm not filming or taking pictures, I'll be found in the kitchen or looking for new challenges and adventures.


I am Swiss therefore I feel very conforable living in Switzerland of Central America.- and this since 2003. My vocation is Sustainable Tourism. I like hiking, colorful flowers, exotic birds and to relax in a Spa or Thermalwater garden. I admire local cultural activities, traditions and handy craft and I love PURA VIDA.


Costa Rican native, energetic and positive ... Cliché but real with this traveling butterfly of the world! Traveling opens minds and souls, I keep constantly in search of those experiences in which your senses are delighted and your memories evoke smiles.
Now back in my country with an incredible job, which allows me to do what I like most, to have contact with the people who serve our tourists and also to leave the office to discover coast to coast beaches, parks, waterfalls, adventures and a wide variety of friendly people who smile wherever you go!

Heina Bayertz

Hi there! My name is Heina (pronounced Jaina), I am German-Nicaraguan. Although I am not very athletic, I like to challenge myself with new physical activities surrounded by nature such as hiking, kayaking and rafting tours. The experiences I've had in Costa Rica have been amazing and I am ready to help you with the questions you may have to get ready for your next adventure!