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5 reasons why Costa Rica is a perfect destination for biking

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Your plans for a perfect holiday include a nice stay in Costa Rica along with biking? Here is everything you need to know.

Renting or bringing your bike?

First of all you need to decide if you wish to bring your bike or prefer to rent one over here. In both cases the best way to travel is joining a group. In this way you will be traveling along with a proper transportation and a guide, so you just have to worry about your riding and your performance.




There are pros and cons:

Pros of bringing yours: you already know what kind of bike you are bringing and are used to it.

Cons: be aware there are flight charges you may have to cover and if you do not have a special case for your bike, you are going to have to buy one.

Pros of renting one: you pay a fee, but do not have to worry about the transportation from home to Costa Rica.

Cons: you do not know what kind of bike you are getting, it’s performance and if you will “click” with it.

Keep reading so you enjoy your costarrican bike tour.


  • Make sure you are joining a group with your same goals and expertise, so that you match the kilometers and speed.
  • Investigate the route and destinations and decide if it is really what you are expecting.
  • If you are renting one bike, give all your measures, so you get the adequate bike.
  • Get informed about the bicicle you are receiving: if it is a fully or not, brand, accesories, etc.


The reason why I do recommend to travel with a group is because of safety. Let’s be honest, bicicles are not cheap (rented or not). If you are on holidays you do not want to worry all the time about you bike, you want to relax and enjoy the ride.

Your tourguide and eventually driver have to make sure bikes are safe while you have the best time.


About the route

Be very honest and choose what kind of bike tour you want to do. If it is more recreational please consider renting a bike at the Caribbean and ride towards different beaches in this transportation mean. The terrain is plain, it is kind of romantic as well as green.



If you wish to know about other areas suitable for short-term rentals, write me.

On the other hand, if you are more than amateur and want some more challenges, take a look at which routes you have already accomplished and compare them with the altimetries of your desired program in Costa Rica. If it matches, you are in the right way.

Why Costa Rica for biking?

Now you may be thinking, why choosing Costa Rica among lots of destinations in the world.

Here are some reasons:

  • Amazing routes: there are many roads of the beaten track, where some cars and trucks might be expected, but you still will be able to ride your bike. These places include astonishing views! The environment is unbelievable.

  • Perfectly combined with tours: besides biking, I guess you wish to know more about Costa Rica. In most destinations there are high chances to go for a walk, visit national parks, go along at a boat tour, enjoying the thermal springs, horsebackriding, the rivers, beaches and much more!










  • Winderfull weather, it might be raining, but this can be kind of refreshing while biking.
  • Cuisine: after a good bike, a warm plate of meal is heaven. Don’t miss the costarrican spoon!

27artisanal pizza



  • Beach extension: after the bike tour my best recomendation is to stay some days at the beach and relax. Costa Rica has 2 coasts and so beautiful and many beaches to discover.


If you have any doubt, I can help you out organizing your trip with the most suitable routes and perfect accomodation options. As a tour guide and biker I have gotten to know some of the best tours on my own and also along groups of bike lovers.


Wishing you the best ride in Costa Rica!

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 07:06 Written by Pedro
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