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7 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations of the world

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The traveler demand of people that want to visit Costa Rica for their vacation has been increasing, since many airlines offer direct flights once or a a couple of times per week from many different ocuntries of the world, for example Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Germany, the United States, Canada and many more. Costa Rica is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Probably you have a friend, a family member or a known that has visited Costa Rica and has told you that it is a paradise, with a huge diversity of protected areas and nice people! So you’re curious and want to find more information about the country, for this reason I would like to share with you 7 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations:

Climate: Costa Rica is located at the tropical fringe, it exists neither winter nor summer, where we now that the changes of the temperatures are extrem. Here you will find the rainy season and the dry season, where the sun is shining all year and the temperatures during the year show an average between 22 °C (71°F) and 27°C (81°F).

Don’t forget that if you visit higher places, like San Gerardo de Dota or Monteverde you will find cloudforests, where the temperatures might get to 8°C or less during the night. For this reason I recommend you to take some warm clothes with you.


  1. Nice and warm people: Once you get off the airplane and you make contact with the local culture you will feel like you are at home. The “Ticos” are very friendly and nice, this is why you can just go up to a person on the street and ask for help, for example if you get lost; we are always happy to explain someone the way if we get asked. Also the warmth and quality services that you recieve in my country are very good, thanks to the leading institutions that train all the peole in different areas, and also, we know that the country mainly recieves money though the tourism and we like to make our visitors happy.


  1. Diversity of Flora and Fauna: Thanks to the mountains that go through Costa Rica from the north east to the south east, which privileged us to count with many ecosystems, for example the tropical forest, the dry forest, the cloud forest, mangorves, wetlands and many more!

All this variety houses many species of flora and fauna, many of them are endemic, so you can  just find them in Costa Rica or our neighbor countries Nicaragua and Panama. Actually this beautiful country houses, according to the last study of the  United Nations for Development (PNUD),  6.5% of the worlds biodiversity.

  1. Short distances: It is incredible that one day we wake up at the cloud forest, like in the beautiful area of San Gerardo, Providencia and Copey de Dota, and in just a little bit more than two hours by car it is possible to get to the ocean, in this case to Playa Dominical. So to go from one place to another it is not necesarry to take whole day, I recommend you to rent a car and in just 3 to 4 hours you will arrive your next destination.

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  1. Variety of activities: As a tourist of our time, activities are more and more importat and we want to have unforgettable experiences; this beautiful country offers activities for each and everyone, for those who are adventurous and like to feel the adrenaline while they rush over some rapids at a river or the descent of a waterfall on a cable. There are also activities for families , for example a tour by boat or the excubernant channels of Tortuguero, or at an ant tour in Sarapiquí, which is an open book if you want to learn about the life of this tiny animals, its colonies and its imposing queens.. Very interesting!


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  1. Fresh Food: Thanks to the diversity of fuits and vegetables that they harvest at his beautiful piece of earth, you can always eat fresh food. It is a paradies for fruit -lovers, here you will find all types of tropical fruits, some that you have never tried before and that will amaze you with their exotic flavors! If you are looking for an authentic experience, I recommend you, if you have a weekend in Costa Rica, to ask at the place where you are staying when is the farmers market of the region; usually they are on Friday nights, saturdays or Sunday in the morning. The farmers markets are in almost every town all over the country, but the times can be different. At the farmers market you can buy fresh products directly from the farmers.

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  1. Beaches: In Costa Rica we are priviledged to count with two coasts, the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Coast, and we are very proud of the many different beaches on both sides. I should mention that one of the most popular destinations in this small country is the north pacific, with its exuberant and beautiful beaches, which is because it is an area where the tropical dry forest prevails, with very favorable climate to enjoy the beach destination. Furthermore la irregular form of the coast is giving unique and impressive formations.


I love my country and while I was writing this article, I came to the conclusion that the 7 mentioned reasons are just some of many! I just didn’t wanted to expant it too much, but I invite you to contact me and as a lover of my country I can give you more reasons why you should visit Costa Rica, and I can also give you advices, so your trip will be unforgettable!


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Friday, 05 July 2019 09:00 Written by Jennifer
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