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9 hotel recommendations at the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

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While planning a trip, it is normal that we are looking for recommendations. Recommendations about where our next trip should go to, which places we can visit, what the best time to travel is, which activities we could do, which food we should try and of course, where we are going to stay!

For this reason, I would like to recommend a small list of 9 hotels that you will find in the Pacific of Costa Rica.

The Pacific Coast of my beautiful country is full of ecosystems from dry forests, over mangroves to the rainforest, a great variety of beautiful places that invites its visitors to feel like in paradise, wishing to stay.

To give you the information in an easy way, I divided it into three areas: the North Pacific, Central Pacific, and South; so let’s start:

North Pacific

Characteristic for its beautiful sunny days and paradise beaches, it is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and enjoy life at the ocean. And thanks to the irregularity of the coast in the north of Costa Rica, there are many beautiful beaches, which makes it a beloved place for visitors.

Gilded Iguana***(*)

Located at the beautiful destination of Nosara, which is perfect for those who love to surf, because the waves of the beaches in the area are perfect for surfing. A hotel is a perfect option for surfers and those who love to practice yoga.

It is located just 200 meters from the beach. It has a modern style, minimalistic, with tropical elements that show a good taste. The rooms are very cozy. Gilded Iguana offers a very professional service and exquisite food, as well as a pool that invites you to take a dip, relax and just enjoy the environment.

gilded iguana

Capitán Suizo****

A paradise amidst the populous destination of Tamarindo. When you arrive at the hotel Capitán Suizo, you will perceive an oasis of peace and harmony of the environment and thanks to their environmental commitment, they house a great diversity of trees and plants and are also home to animals such as monkeys, squirrels, birds, among others. Their rooms are comfortable and something that differs from others is the individual and the unique customer service.

Another favorable aspect of the Hotel Capitán Suizo is that it is located in front of the beach, which makes it possible to swim in the ocean or enjoying a beautiful sunset, just a few meters away from your room.

capitan suizo

Bosque del Mar***(*)

Without any doubt is this one of the most recommended options in the area of Golfo de Papagayo. A splendid place to enjoy the close beach, it is perfect for families! In just some seconds you can go from the pool to the ocean.

Located at the extreme of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, it is a very calm place. The rooms are big and comfortable. Also, the food that the hotel offers is good and they treat their guest very nice and friendly.

bosque del mar

Central Pacific

The Central Pacific is very interesting since there are tropical dry forests in the north and tropical rain forests in the south, so this is the transition of both, which you see for example at the Carara National Park. Furthermore, there are beautiful places like the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is because of his beautiful nature one of the main attractions of the area.

Macaw Lodge***

This lodge is located 20 km from the highway, la Costera Sur. A distance, that makes it to a magical destination surrounded by nature, actually it has become one of the best places in Costa Rica for birding.

Macaw Lodge is based on ecotourism, the investigation, and conservation. They are a manager if the conservation if the red barnacle (Ara Macaw), from which the lodge got its name from. What gives this place an even bigger value is that as a part of the commitment to nature, many organic products are produced on the property while taking care of nature.


Hotel Playa Espadilla***

Manuel Antonio has become one of the most visited places in Costa Rica, which is because of their paradisiac beaches and beautiful nature as I mentioned before.

For those who don´t know that place, most of the hotels are located at a distance from which its not possible to get to the beach without a car, which is because of the missing sidewalks. A factor you won´t have to worry about when you stay at the hotel Playa Espadilla, a beautiful hotel just some meters away from Playa Espadilla, the main beach at Manuel Antonio. And not just that, it is also very close to the Manuel Antonio Nationalpark, the main attraction of the area, and restaurants. In addition to this, the facilities of this hotel are impeccable and offer a very welcoming atmosphere for its guests, as well as good customer service.


Parador Resort & Spa****

One of the best hotels that you can find in Manuel Antonio, the hotel offers everything you need, like a gym, spa, playground for kids, as well as a free shuttle service, which brings you to scheduled times to Manuel Antonio downtown. Even though you´re not close to the downtown, it’s possible to walk to Playa Biesanz, the closest and one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Something that I truly loved in this hotel was the breakfast, which has offered many different options for the guests.

The customer service is spectacular as well, they are always trying to make you feel home; additional to the room, where you find everything to relax- perfect for the last days in the country!


South Pacific

The south of Costa Rica is like a box of surprises of beautiful places! It is a place, that I recommend to those who are looking for places with not to many tourists. Furthermore, here is the Osa Peninsula which houses uncountable resources of the world, like in the Corcovado National Park, which was announced to be the biologically most intense place on earth. This means, that in one square meter is that much diversity like in no other place in the world.

Yabá Chiguí***

A small lodge with 4 bungalows, located close to the town of Ojochal. The lodge is special for its design, the main building was inspired by the palenques of the Boruncas natives of the area.

The lodge is surrounded by blooming vegetation, which is the perfect place to relax. The guests also love the warm atmosphere that they receive from the owner. They are a pensionary Costa Rican married couple, which used their pension to create a Lodge that offers a unique experience to their clients, so they feel at home.


Casa Corcovado****

With no doubt, the best lodge you will find at the Corcovado National Park. The location is perfect since it adjoins the incredible park, many animals that are walking through the gardens of the lodge, I was surprised to see a Tapir walking the same way that I took to my room, I just couldn’t believe it! The lodge has impeccable rooms, where not all the infrastructure is concrete, but with windows with sieve or grid, so you feel like you’re sleeping in the middle of nature! I should also mention the food and service, it was very impressive. I recommend, if the weather allows it, to walk to the viewpoint to see the sunset, a memory that you will keep in mind, with great colors and the Isla del Caño at the horizon. It’s an experience that you should live yourself. It’s worth every cent!

casa corcovado

Cristal Ballena***

This hotel is located 7 km from the town Uvita, on the top of a mountain that makes it possible to enjoy impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. Their rooms are big and comfortable, with private terraces. Also, the attention of the staff is very good, very helpful and friendly.

Possibly you will meet the owners of the hotel, who are, like their clients, enjoying the hotel. Their big pool invites the guests to relax after a day full of activities, which makes it an excellent option to stay.

cristal ballena

If you have any doubt about the mentioned options or if you need information about other places in the country, I will be happy to help you, I love to share experiences about my country!

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9 recommended hotels

Friday, 02 August 2019 12:30 Written by Jennifer
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