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Nosara´s stunning beaches

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Traveling to one destination and getting to know three different beaches? Yes, that’s possible in Nosara!

Today I invite you to visit Nosara beaches in Guanacaste. I am sure you already have heard or read about Nosara- the place is the cradle of yoga in Costa Rica and here you will find the best surf- beaches of the country.

The flight to Nosara

Flying to Nosara is not just a flight! No- it is a beautiful possibility to watch Costa Rica during your 45- Minute SANSA flight from above. After we have left the Central Valley behind us, we cross the Gulf of Nicoya, its islands and the sparsely populated Nicoya Peninsula until we get (very excited) closer to Nosara beaches.

Guiones Beach Nosara from the air

SANSA airplaine landing in Nosara

From the airport to Nosara´s town, it takes about 15 minutes by car until you get to the tourist-center close to the beaches. There are hotels, stores, surf-school, Yoga centers, and restaurants. You will find a great mix of everything, just what the heart of a tourist wants for a relaxed stay or for surfing.

The beaches of Nosara are part of a protected area and for this reason, the beaches are complete naturals. You get there easily from the hotel by hidden trails through lush green or at small secondary streets, for example to Guiones beach.

 a Guiones Beach Nosara 1

 b Guiones Beach Nosara 2

c Guiones Beach Nosara 3

Guiones Beach

That’s right. The main beach of Nosara is called Guiones. A wonderful wide beach with white sand, where the surfers are waiting for the perfect wave (and believe me, there are perfect waves all year long). A place, where children are playing in the sand, were “early birds” do yoga and non-surfers (like me) are walking into the sunset. The life at Guiones beach feels great. Easy, relaxed, natural and energetic.

Pelada Beach

A little bit further north is the beautiful beach of Pelada. Crescent, partly lined by palm trees and the right place to experience an authentic Costa Rica. At the main entrance, next to a local bar, some colorful fishing boats are always bringing us fresh fish. Delicious!

a Red Snapper Pelada Beach

Fishing boats Pelada Beach

Here is the meeting point of many local bathers. Attract by the shadow of palm trees, smooth waves, rock-pools at low-tide and the “Blowhole”, an opening in the rock through which the wave splashes. This natural shower amazes everyone!

Now it’s time to visit, along the sandy beach, the other side of Pelada - called: Golfo. My favorite place. Surrounded by many frangipani trees, watched by pelicans on top of the rock, you’re sitting on a piece of driftwood, watching the sea and let your dreams run wild. Awesome!

Nosara Beach

You are probably wondering, where is Nosara beach located? The beach is located further to the north, on the other side of the estuary of the Nosara River. There are no bridges to this long, black and wonderful sandy beach, lined of mangroves which end after some kilometers at the turtle beach of Ostional.

Some kayaks who wanted to cross the river just left, so now I am walking towards the hill to enjoy Nosara´s beach view from afar while I see a local fisherman who has a lot of skill and patience because he manages to fish with ropes and simple hooks at the estuary.

View of Nosara Beach

View of Nosara Beach

Nosara beaches offer its visitors a lot of variety and options. They are natural and are waiting to be discovered by you. Or do you already know them?

Please write to us if you have any questions or if you have a nice story about it to share with us.

Pura Vida from Nosara. Regina

Friday, 06 September 2019 13:00 Written by Regina Amacker
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