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Top 6 Things to do in La Fortuna

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La Fortuna is a popular destination in Costa Rica. From almost everywhere you get a great view on the perfectly conic shaped Arenal volcano and the landscapes around it. The place offers many different activities in nature, some of them I already tried out.

The place offers many different activities in nature, some of them I already tried out.

These 6 activities are definitely some of my favorite activities in San Carlos area:

Mistico Hanging Bridges:

mystico hanging bridges san carlos

The Mistico Hanging Bridges are located close to the Lake Arenal. The way to the entrance is a little hidden, but once you arrive you already get a great view of the Arenal Volcano. The hiking trails took us through the rainforest, where we saw many animals like birds, spiders, and even a sloth! We were also very lucky and saw the famous Morpho- Butterfly at a waterfall. But of course, the highlight is the hanging bridges, from which you get an amazing view over the treetops of the rainforest. It´s a little shaky but definitely a good laugh and an unforgettable experience.

Reserve Mistico Hanging Bridges!


atv san carlos

The ATV Tour was offered on single ATVs and ATVs for 2 people. If you choose an ATV for 2 people, both have the chance to drive. We choose to share an ATV while my mom was brave enough to drive alone. After a small introduction speech, we started… and drove about 30 seconds until we got stuck in the mud, so the guide had to come back to get the vehicle back on the road. After that we didn't have any problems, we drove first an easy road and later on a steeper trail until we crossed a river. The guide had water bottles for us and made 2 short breaks. The tour took 2 hours. When we took off the helmets, we couldn't help but laugh about all the dust and dirt on our faces. In the end, we got a typical Costarican lunch that we choose before and was included in the price. Later they took us back to the hotel. It was a very cool experience!

Reserve ATV Tour!


canopy at san carlos

ausrustung canopy

When you´re in La Fortuna, you should definitely do a Canopy Tour. Here you hang with safety straps on a steel cable that leads from one platform to the next. We booked our tour at the hotel and got picked up with a tractor, which brought us to the start point. There we got our equipment, which are safety straps, gloves and a helmet. After a short explanation from a guide, we started sliding trough the treetops from one platform to the next one. Also, Kids can participate. Depending on the length of the cable they go together with a guide.

Reserve a Canopy Tour!


rapelling san carlos

After the Canopy Tour, we could choose if we want to climb down a mountain. When you do rappelling, you are saved by one guide on the top and one from below. Somewhat inelegant I slipped down the slope rather than climbed. By the way, sneakers are not the best choice for activities like that. Sturdy footwear with a profile would probably have been better.

Reserve Canopy, Rappel and Malekus Tour!

Horseback riding:

Our horseback riding tour was part of a package with canopy, rappel and, of course, horseback riding. They picked us up from the hotel and took us to a small farm, close to the hotel. The tour took only 30 minutes, but there are also longer tours offered, where you can ride through nature to a waterfall and always have a view at the beautiful Arenal volcano.

Reserve Horseback Riding Tour!

Thermal springs:

thermal springs

After all this action it´s great to relax at the thermal baths. Because of the volcanic structures, you can find thermal baths that are naturally heated, everywhere in La Fortuna. Public pools are usually very expensive: in some places, you will pay up to 36 USD for an adult and 18 US- Dollar entrance for a child. Of course, there are also cheaper options, but if you are staying in the area it is a better option to choose a hotel with their own thermal baths.

Among rafting, tubing, the waterfall and the Arenal Lake just some activities. In La Fortuna, there are many things to do! It´s definitely worth to come- it´s a place for everyone! If you are an Adrenaline- Junkie, Adventurous or just want to relax a little bit. If you have time, you should plan at least 2 days for La Fortuna. Depending on the season you can do activities in the morning, so you can enjoy the warm pools in the afternoon, while it´s raining or just end the day with a good book.

Do you have questions about the region or activities? Which one would you like to try out? Write to me!

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Friday, 12 July 2019 09:00 Written by Caroline B
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