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Planning your vacations to a new destination, requires a lot of research about the country, about the best time to travel and about all the activities you can do, but the more information you get, the harder the trip planning becomes. Important questions arise, such as what activities to carry out, where and in what time?

Even more when Costa Rica particularly offers countless of interesting places and activities which are difficult to choose. For this reason, we have developed some suggested itineraries that include different activities in different tourist areas, to help you plan your trip according to the number of nights you plan to stay in the country.

We have created these itineraries based on our experience as tourism experts and based in other traveler´s good experiences they have have visited these places. We are sure they will be very useful.

They are only proposals, but keep in mind that you can contact us whenever you want and we will support you in everything you need. And remember, on our website www.costaricatalk.com we offer 3 different transfer types for you to choose the best option for your trip, making it easier for you to go from one point to another.