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Here you can find experts who want to help you!

If you are looking for the best option to travel to Costa Rica, but you do not feel safe to organize your own itinerary, we are experts local people in Costa Rica who speak your language and are willing to guide you in the best way.

What I have to do?

You just have to fill the form below and our expert in Costa Rica will contact you.

Is there any cost for the service?

The expert can advise and organize all your itinerary if you are planning to travel to Costa Rica. You could even book and pay directly for your trip. But if you only have questions or queries or you just need an advised there is any cost for helping you, it is for free.

Should I plan my trip on my own or with an expert?

The benefits of traveling with a travel plan offered by an expert are endless: security, support, personalized service, assistance in case of emergency or other factors that could occur during the trip are elements that should take into consideration. In order to provide you with greater security, we recommend always to rely on a reliable local service.

Is the expert a tour operator?

We are local experts with lots of experience in travel around Costa Rica so we can give you the best advice in order to have an unforgettable trip. We can also manage the service of a Destination Travel Agency in Costa Rica, which will be responsible for providing you of the best quality and reliable services, support and security.

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