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Flexivoucher Costa Rica
Best Value for Money
For an excellent price, you will get a 4x4 rental vehicle, 100 hotel options, and lots of information to design your own trip.
Flexi VOUCHER is a unique travel format that allows you to discover Costa Rica’s natural paradise on your own plan, stay wherever you prefer, choose your own travel program and change it as you like!

What’s Flexi Voucher?

It’s a program, in which you buy hotel vouchers for several days. You can then decide spontaneously in which hotel you use your vouchers. The Program offers excelent prices and perfect flexibility throughout Costa Rica’s Green Season.

For which dates can I buy Flexi Vouchers?

Possible travel dates range from April 21st to December 15th. More info here

Which hotels participate?

More than 100 in total. Check out the hotel list!

How do I get from one hotel to another?

The program includes a collective transfer to your hotel upon your arrival and a rental car for the rest of your trip. The car insurance should o be paid with the rental car company.

Who is responsible for Flexi Voucher?

It is a program operated by the well-established Costa Rican Incoming Travel Agency ARA Tours.

Where can I find more information?

More information about the program and about Costa Rica is available on the Flexi-Voucher Homepage.

Where can I book?

Reserve your vouchers here!